Creation Ground Media: Professional Media Production

Making Your Media Identifiable

With the advent of YouTube and similar online platforms, it’s never been simpler to upload your very own video to the internet. Anyone with a decent Wi-Fi connection can have their voice heard! With just the click of a button, your recorded content will be posted for the whole world to see. Unfortunately, you’re not quite out of the woods yet.

As you may have noticed, the vast majority of contemporary content can be classified as trash. While this sentiment may sound a bit blunt, it’s the truth. When attempting to market your business using these digital platforms, it’s imperative that you present the online viewer with concise and engaging video content.

Getting Your Media Seen

Luckily, certain media production companies have conducted studies to help you succeed in your endeavors. Keep the following statistics in mind, and you should have less trouble producing a video which best gets your point across.

Receiving the Viewers Attention

According to research conducted by the Visible Measures organization, you have a mere 10 seconds to grab the attention of viewers watching your marketing clip. After just 10 tics of the second hand, 20% of your viewers will click away from your content.

Media Statistics:

And it only becomes more difficult after surpassing that 10 second threshold. After 30 seconds, most videos lose a third of their viewers. By the time a full two minutes have transpired, over 60% of viewers will have said goodbye. While these figures may sound quite daunting, view them as a challenge. By creating engaging content from the outset, you’ll greatly increase your chances of gaining the attention of a viewer. Most importantly, you may even be able to retain their focus for a couple of minutes.


If you’d like to circumvent this process all together, why not make a short video? The Jun Group found that videos which last15 seconds or shorter are shared 37% more often than videos which exceed the 1 minute mark. As lengths get longer, the percentage continues to drop.

If you’re interested in increasing the digital presence of your company, strong video content can certainly do the trick. It’s important, however, to produce worthwhile materials that will help consumers get a feel for your goods or services. By contacting the proper media production company, you’ll drastically increase the odds of creating an engaging video package to grab the attention of the masses.