What Should I Wear on Camera?

I'm ready for my video close up......or am I?

If there is a make up and hair stylist, enjoy it.  Otherwise, here are some field tested suggestions:

Ladies: We suggest wearing make up: foundation, power and lipstick. Bring your make up kit with you to touch up. You want to look exactly like yourself on screen so add nothing extreme for the camera.

Everyone: Shiny faces, foreheads and heads can be helped by simple blotting with a damp cloth, by using shine control blotting sheets, or commercial products like Smash Box Anti-Shine. Remember the Nixon on camera fiasco? Don't go there. Keep in mind, if lights are used on the set, likely it may warm up and this could cause unwanted shine.  Also, HVAC may be turned off during your interview to avoid problems with audio.

Hair: Wear a hairstyle that's comfortable and works well on you. We suggest caution on getting a new hairstyle/haircut just for the filming session. It may or may not work out as a good look for you and if it doesn't ….well let's just say what goes on the internet stays on the internet.

Glasses: To wear or not to wear? Your choice, however you feel comfortable. If you wear glasses all the time and people wouldn't recognize you without them (or you couldn't recognize them) by all means wear your glasses. Just be aware that it may take a slight bit of adjustment on the lighting to make sure there is no reflection and we can see your eyes. It helps to have anti-glare lenses.

Attire: Wear colors and styles that flatter you. The big dos and don'ts are avoid plaids, stripes, big or tight patterns as these don't read well on video. Also void wearing bright white, all black or very bold bright colors. Fabric should not be extra shiny.  Don't wear a new outfit unless you have already sat down in it and you know it looks good. Same goes for shoes. Make sure they feel comfortable as well as look good
Jewelry: Nothing that sparkles, hangs down, or is big and chunky or makes noise.  These will distract the viewer as you move or gesture and may interfere with audio.

Overall: It's good to think all this through ahead of time so the day of the video shoot your personal appearance and comfort on the set are not a distraction.  Dress in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable and qualified in your role on camera.  This will make the experience more enjoyable for everybody, and will increase the effectiveness of your video.