What We Do

Today’s constantly changing business landscape requires your business to stay one step ahead of the game. The best way to do this is to embrace cutting-edge technology and new multimedia platforms to reach customers. Creation Ground Media helps you do this with our custom video production and promotional video services. Tell the world who you are and what you do with high-end professional video from Creation Ground Media, based in San Jose, CA.

The creative team at Creation Ground Media helps your company get the message out by designing promotional videos and fundraising videos. Want to reach new customers and a broader audience? Video production is often the best way to go. Create a video that tells a story about your company – whether it’s about what you do, what you plan to do or testimonials from customers recommending your business. Your promotional video will be professionally made and designed to reach your target audience. Your professional video will allow you to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to media production services, put your trust Creation Ground Media.

Custom Video Production

Creation Ground Media can help your business reach new customers and promote your brand to a larger audience with technology videos like whiteboard video, presentation video and narrated video. These videos are shot with a professional high-definition camera and are typically only a few minutes long.

Whiteboard video includes one member of your business on camera speaking from your own script and sketching out your company’s story on a whiteboard.

Presentation video includes more people representing your company on camera and more graphics. Your representatives will give a brief presentation about what your business offers and how you can help customers.

Narrated video uses several different representatives giving a professional narrated talk, often in different locations. This narration will dive into more analysis and technical matters. Input will often be included from experts outside the company.

Promotional Videos

Creation Ground Media is a great choice for spreading the word about a new product or service. Promotional videos are the best way to explain this new product to a broad audience. These videos will describe the benefits of your new product/service and of your company in general. We create a video that puts your company in the best possible light. Clients will know exactly what they are getting by placing their trust in your hands.

Fundraising Videos

Why send out a pamphlet or letter for fundraising when you can use an engaging and informative video? Fundraising videos are easy to make and get the message across much more clearly than a pamphlet or word of mouth. Using a professional-looking video for fundraising gives your business some credibility and validity. A video is also likely to be seen by more people and can help elicit an emotional reaction from the viewing audience.

For reference, check out our site for some of the promotional videos we have made for Peninsula Symphony, Preston Reed, Issio, The ApniCure® Winx® Sleep Therapy System, the iSmart Alarm and the short story about Red Cross 2011 Good Samaritan Heroes Sergio Jimenez, Justo Magana-Garcia and James Myers, who pulled an unconscious man from a burning car.

The best media production and video production business in the San Jose area is Creation Ground Media

Take your business into the future with a creative video marketing campaign that will help you reach new customers. Use video to let the world know who you are and why they should be listening to you, contact us today!