Video Marketing; Just the Facts

The Future of Video Marketing is Now!

In this day and age, many marketing professionals view the digital realm as a veritable Wild West. While strategists can generally forecast the advantages presented by traditional print and television marketing campaigns, it can be tough to predict the upside of an online video.

With all that being said, studies now suggest that online video marketing should be a major focus for small businesses. After taking a look at some of the following figures, you might start to agree. As advertising analysts have started to enhance their data collection methods, the real advantages of video marketing have become quite clear.

Online Engagement

According to comScore, a resource which measures online engagement, 45.4% of all internet users view at least one digital video per month. While this number may not sound very substantial, it’s important to note that the average web surfer is exposed to 32.2 videos in a month’s time. And the number is growing.

Everyday Media

In broader terms, it’s estimated that over 100 million internet users watch an online video every day. While this particular statistic accounts for ALL digital videos, a healthy chunk of these folks are consumers looking to purchase goods and services. Keep in mind, most people like buying things. Sometimes they just require a nudge in the right direction.

For instance, it’s been found that website visitors are 64% more likely to purchase an item on an online retail shop if they’re presented with pertinent video content. Additionally, comScore reports that digital shoppers who view videos tend to stay on websites 2 minutes longer than those who abstain.

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It’s tough to dispute the effective nature of digital videos. If you’ve been attempting to bolster your marketing efforts, it may be time you started to take a long looks at your digital presence. Really, there may be no better (or cheaper) method to engage with a target demographic than the production of a strong professional video. Contact Creation Ground Media Today!