• Product / Technology Videos

    Custom Video Production and Promotional Videos | San Jose, CA

    Are you the best kept secret in your industry? You are about to launch a game changing technology product. What is the best way to explain your product or core technology to the broadest audience?

    Don’t pollute you website or bore your audience with dull, uninspired video content. The result will be zero returns and diminished credibility. Hire the services of an established custom video production business to deliver your message effectively and beautifully. Promotional videos prepared by Creation Ground Media will separate you from the competition and accurately convey the values of your brand.

  • Customer Experience Videos

    What could be more effective than hearing first hand from your customers how you have been instrumental to their success?

  • Company Profile Videos

    Video Production Business in San Jose, CA

    Does your audience get what your company does? Are you willing to leave it to chance?

    Whether you’re just compiling materials to release your start-up, or you want to reach people with a new offer or event, the strongest tool to move people is effective multimedia. Multimedia (especially promotional video) has the potential to inspire action, control discourse, and spreads ideas in ways that are unattainable through traditional advertising and print methods.

    Hiring the services of a professional video production business will enable your message to ascend over the feckless rabble of shaky camera’s and bad acting. Beginning in the preproduction phase, a custom video production business will work with you directly to determine budgeting, intended audience, and manner of distribution. Are you preparing a video to set your office apart at the big corporate conference? Maybe you’re looking for multimedia content to engage impressions on your website? Based on the specifics of your circumstance, the company will propose an idea that will become a detailed script pending your input and approval. Full creative freedom is always in your hands; Creation Ground Media will create professional promotional and fundraising videos, made to your specifications. Our job is to make sure that your creativity becomes a reality.

    Proudly serving the businesses of San Jose with professional quality video production.