Business Etiquette

I think this is where we came in...

We stopped by a meeting with NextStep's Business Etiquette Training team.  We thought we might learn something, so we brought our cameras so that we wouldn't have to take notes.  We felt like we had been in this meeting before.

Car Fire

Red Cross 2011 Good Samaritan Heroes Sergio Jimenez, Justo Magana-Garcia & James Myers

These courageous men stopped at an early morning accident to rescue an unconscious driver who was strapped into a car engulfed with flames.

City of Palo Alto

Red Cross 2011 Innovative Preparedness Award ~

Exemplifying the spirit of the innovation that the Silicon Valley region is known for, the City of Palo Alto has implemented one of the most comprehensive disaster preparedness plans in Santa Clara County. The video shows how the engaged citizenry, strong neighborhoods, future-oriented city council, and technologically-minded city government work collectively to create Palo Alto’s emergency preparedness program.

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