Dorado is a leading provider of intelligent software-as-a-service solutions to the financial services industry.  The company's 10th anniversary came at a time when the industry was preceived to be in deep trouble.  Dorado needed to insure that the employees' 10th anniversary gala event was upbeat and reflected the company's true strength and upside potential.  They needed a compelling video to kick off the event.

When they contacted us and explained the situation, we got to work immediately, because the celebration event was only a few weeks away.  We were able to develop a general script, schedule interviews with key employees and mentors from outside the company, and then do all the filming.  We then assembled all the material and added a slideshow/montage at the end using employee-provided photos.  Finally, we added music that fit the overall mood of the video.

To make sure the AV equipment was adjusted to show the video properly (aspect ratio correct, no weird colors, etc.) we arrived early at the venue of the celebration event.  When the video was shown, the crowd loved it.