Tango! with the Peninsula Symphony and Quartet San Francisco

Peninsula Symphony and Music Director Mitchell Sardou Klein welcome the New Year with a colorful program of tango music.  All of the passion and magic of Tango! comes to our stage, with Quartet San Francisco (and its founder, violinist Jeremy Cohen), colorful tango dancers Sandor & Parissa, and the Symphony all combining for an electrifying evening of classic and new tangos.

Tango began in the working class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, blending African rhythms with instruments and techniques from Europe. Composers such as Astor Piazzolla further influenced the tango by introducing jazz rhythms and classical music, creating a Tango Nuevo. Around this time, the tango was forced to go underground in Argentina, with a conservative government deeming it publicly unacceptable. An eventual change in government led to the resurgence of tango in the 80s, and since then, it has enjoyed new popularity, with composers such as Arturo Marquez and dancers such as Sandor & Parissa keeping it alive on the international stage.

Sandor, born in Buenos Aires Argentina, is one of our times' top Argentine Tango choreographers, performers, and instructors, with his own unique signature style. His entire family were artists and entertainers. His parents produced, directed, choreographed, and danced for countless television, theatre, and circus productions around the world. At the age of eight, Sandor joined them to tour throughout South America. With an extensive background in Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz dance forms, he was later featured in numerous television, film, and theatrical productions in Argentina

Parissa, born Persian, spent most of her early childhood in the south of France. The San Francisco Bay Area became her home at age eight, at which time she started performing pre-pointe Ballet, Tap, & Jazz in various theatrical productions.

After relocating to Southern California to pursue her acting career, she discovered her talents for Ballroom Dance. Parissa has been featured dancing all styles of Rhythm, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Smooth, & Theatre Arts.

With an extensive background in performing and teaching all partnering dance styles, Parissa has been specializing in Argentine Tango since 2000, when she and Sandor became partners. They have been very happily married since 2005!

Together, they have been featured in & choreographed for countless Television, Film, & Theatrical Productions, and have participated as Master Instructors in Tango Congresses worldwide.

They have choreographed for U.S. Olympic Ice Dancers Melissa Gregory & Denis Petukhov, and Bulgarian World Ice Dancing Champions Albena Denkova & Maxim Staviski.

Sandor & Parissa have been the chosen Tango Couple to perform for events presented by the Consulate of the Argentine Republic, as well as for numerous celebrity events & shows presented by stars such as Debbie Reynolds, Ricardo Montalban, Charo, Jennifer Lopez, & many others.

Parissa has worked with several renowned public figures, including Antonio Banderas as his Tango & Ballroom coach, to prepare him for the movie Take the Lead, and she has worked with Halle Berry as her Latin Dance choreographer for a Revlon commercial.

Parissa assists Sandor in choreographing many of the Argentine Tangos on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, including the one performed by Cheryl Burke & Gilles Marini, which was voted "The Best Argentine Tango" ever performed by a celebrity competitor on DWTS.

Sandor & Parissa have also been featured performing on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and announced as "The Most Spectacular Argentine Tango Dancers in the World."

As well as being a highly revered dance instructor, Parissa has achieved outstanding reviews as an internationally acclaimed choreographer and performer.

The ApniCure® Winx® User Video

Beyond a printed manual: The ApniCure® Winx® Sleep Therapy System user video.


The Creation Ground Media team quickly understood our needs and were responsive to our schedule. The resulting videos are finely tuned to keep the viewer watching while they learn about the Winx system.

– Ken Madsen, Principal, Riley Design Associates, LLC

The New Journalism

Hamm, Krane to speak at Tokyo conference

SoJ Web Report | March 23, 2012
krane hamm
Krane Hamm

Dean Brad Hamm and alumnus David Krane, a partner at Google Ventures, will connect the state of news today to both the past and the future during the Forum on Visual Media in Tokyo Friday.

Sponsored by Hakuoh University, the forum will emphasize new media, journalism and social media. IU and the Communications University of China are partners in the event.

Hamm will speak in person while Krane, BAJ’94, will appear on video to address the 200 or so attendees, mostly academic and media leaders.

The dean said he plans to draw comparisons between the U.S. journalism industry’s present-day challenges and those of the 1930s, when the introduction of radio prompted some of the same debates. For example, many feared radio would erode newspaper ad revenue. Media struggled to determine how to charge for content when news and entertainment now was broadcast over the air, free to anyone with a radio. And, journalists had to learn to work across several media platforms as some made the shift to radio.

“Even the financial situation of today’s recession parallels the Depression of the 1930s,” said Hamm, whose research interest is journalism history.

In the three-minute video, Krane turns his attention to how technology and journalism have changed the way people consume information. He says “almost anyone can be a journalist today. We see examples literally every hour” of information shared not on TV networks but through the Internet.

“Some of the traditional techniques of liberal arts, such as narrative, writing, communication, are being compounded by new technology, new media and applied computing," says Krane, one of Google’s first 100 employees and former director of global communications and public affairs. “The sum of these two pieces yields a very powerful change.”

Social media is fast becoming the standard way information is discovered and shared, he says, and this offers many opportunities for innovation. Traditional media are using social media in many ways, and the introduction of new devices will expand the ways social media affects consumers, he says.

Hakuoh University is organizing the forum, and invited Hamm and Krane because of its connections to IUPUI’s Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication. Hakuoh and ICIC have had an international exchange agreement since 2005, with several Japanese students visiting the Indianapolis campus over the years.

Visiting Royalty

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Minister of Trade Trond Giske visit Meltwater Group and attend signing of partnership agreement with Nasdaq

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